Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Metal Fabrication

Q: What Types of material can you fabricate?
A: We can fabricate pretty much any type of metal. Materials we fabricate every day include aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and hot rolled P&O steel. (P&O is Pickled and Oiled steel – a common way of rolling thicker gage cold roll steel) We can also fabricate copper, brass, and titanium.

Q: What gages of material can you fabricate?
A: We can punch and form 3/16 thick mild steel, 1/8 of an inch thick stainless steel and 3/16 thick aluminum. We can do thicker material but we would have to see the print to evaluate it to see if we could fabricate it.

Q: What type of equipment do you have?
A: We have 2 Strippet turret press, the 1500 and the Supper Max with automated loading, and sheering – a real work horse. We have 4 brakes, heliarc and tig welding, spot welding, assemble capabilities, punch presses, pretty much every type of equipment needed to do any type of metal fabrication.

Q: What is the longest part you could bend (form)
A: We have 120 ton Cincinnati brake with a ten foot bed that could form 3/16 S/S (stainless steel) up to 10 feet long.

Q: What type of inspection procedures do you have?
A: We are implementing ISO 2000/2008 procedures. Although quality has always been first and foremost at R&L the new management pushing hard for ISO certification. The current system is fashioned after the old MILITARY Standard 45208. (MIL SPEC 45208). There is first part inspection on all new part set ups. The first part is not allowed to run until someone from the inspection department signs off on the first article inspection sheet. The quality department does spot checks during productions runs. All finished parts go through a comprehensive final inspection before shipping. The quality system is quite comprehensive and we would certainly have no problem if your company would like to perform a quality audit.

Q: What type of products do you make?
A: We are set up as a job shop. With the equipment and technologies we have we can do pretty much any type of fabrication. We have made everything from .25 cent L brackets to complicated highly tolerance chassis that go into the space shuttle and military air craft.

Q: What is the size of the facility?
A: The facility is a little over 20,000 square feet, with about 18,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Q: What capacity is the shop at?
A: The management has changed and is actively pursuing new accounts. The prior ownership was older and happy just servicing existing accounts. The shop is currently running at only about 50 to 60% capacity. This is excellent for any new prospective customers because the new management is going to really push to build the business. The pricing is going to be very competitive and the service is going to be outstanding.

Q: What type of Cad Cam or Solid Modeling system do you have?
A: Currently we have AutoCAD solid modeling. We are upgrading our computer modeling system to Solid Works. This should be completed in the next couple of weeks. If you send us an IJUST, DXF or STEP we have the capability to open it. We can also transmit these types of files.

Q: What is your lead time on new jobs?
A: Our average lead time is about 3 weeks for new orders. As a service orient company if you have a part that is needed in a rush with our flexible manufacturing schedule we can almost certainly schedule the part in and have it run for you in a very short period of time – usually within a week. We will make our schedule work for you.

Q: Do you do finishing in house?
A: At the present time we do not do painting or plating in house. We do have excellent sources for painting plating or silk-screening and offer a complete turnkey operation. If you give us your prints we can quote making the part complete. In the longer term we do plan to set up a paint line and silk-screening department.