Products and Project Racks, Cabinets,
Enclosures, Cases, Panels, Parts.

As a job shop oriented company we are well versed at working in many different industries. We currently do work for aerospace companies, military contractors, telecommunication companies, machine builders, and electronic companies. Enclosures, panels, face plates, card cages, architectural metal work, brackets, and short run stampings are all produced at R&L.

R&L offers a complete turnkey solution to your metal fabrication needs. Common materials that we work with every day and inventory include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, cold roll steel, galvaneal, galvanized and hot rolled P&O. We also stock a wide variety of angles in aluminum and steel. We do have a small inventory of plastic sheet and bars.

As a job shop our manufacturing capabilities cover a wide scope of products. We manufacture parts in pretty much any shape, form, and quantity. We make everything from inexpensive L brackets to highly sophisticated chassis which are used in US fighter air craft telecommunications equipment. Show us the product you need manufactured and we will be glad to quote making it.